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Hasler IM330 Cost and Equipment Comparison

Cost and Equipment Comparison

Hasler IM330 vs.
Pitney Bowes DM200

Pricing Comparison
  Hasler IM330
w/5 lb. Scale
Pitney Bowes DM200
w/ 5 lb. Scale
Rental Amount $49.95 $46.95
Reset Fee (charge to maintain your USPS® account)** FREE $7.99
Postage Download Fee (for using the line of credit)** FREE $18.99
Rate Change Protection FREE FREE
Estimated Ink Cost per month (35 letters/day) $14.02 $17.64
Label Cost per month (2 lables/day) $2.79 $5.46
Typical Total Monthly Cost
$66.76 $97.03
Shipping & Handling FREE $9.99
Bottom Line: Hasler saves you over 25% in total costs with no hidden charges
Benefits and Support Comparison
  Hasler Pitney Bowes
Technical Support Center USA  Philippines 
Envelope Feeder Constant PowerFeed Semi-Automatic
Envelope Sealer standard standard
Envelope Thickness 3/8" 1/4"
Low Ink Email Alerts Yes No
Better Features and Superior Customer-Rated Service and Support
Postal Funds Management Comparison
TotalFunds® Service
Pitney Bowes
Purchase Power®
Credit Extension Yes Yes
Transaction Fee No Yes
Monthly Inactivity Fee (after 12 months) No Yes
Over Limit Fee No Yes
No Hidden Fees with Hasler
* Internet offer pricing as of March 2012
** Monthly reset and postage download fees based on download of $500 per month. If postage purchase is higher or more frequent, the cost difference will be even greater.