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Update on 2014 USPS rate change


USPS® Rate Change Update:

The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) has approved Postal Service™ plans to increase the price to mail a single-piece First-Class Mail® business letter from 46¢ to 47¢ on January 26, 2014, but whether the Post Office may increase it to 48¢ or 49¢ has yet to be decided.  Please be aware of the following timeline for Postal Service™ decisions that impact the January 2014 rate change.

On November 21, 2013, the PRC approved the USPS® proposal to implement its annual CPI-based postage adjustment on First-Class Mail® and Standard Mail® on January 26, 2014, conditional upon the Postal Service™ abandoning its plan to implement full-service IMb requirements on the same date. On Friday, November 29th, the Postal Service™ confirmed that it would defer the IMb requirement until after 2014.

The PRC is expected to confirm proposed Postal Service Shipping Services prices by mid-December.  If approved, the proposed price increases would also go into effect on January 26, 2014.

The PRC has deferred consideration of the proposed exigent rate increases for market-dominant products until at least December 22, 2013. If the PRC approves the exigent price increases proposed by the Postal Service®, either in full or in part, it would mean additional increases to the prices already approved by the PRC.

Until the PRC makes its decision on the exigent rate increase, we are not in position to communicate the exact USPS® price changes to our customers but, you may still order the required rate change software now through the "SHOP" section of our web site and when the rate structure is finalized by the USPS, we will be able to process and ship your order.

Additional information on the rate change can be found on our web site by clicking the Quick Link labeled "2014 USPS Rate Change" on the home page of the web site.



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